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Mobile App based Industry solutions


Apart from being an essential human resource, the multi-directional face of Food industry helps itself to get its foot in the door.
Fruits & Vegetables, Traditional Food, Fast food, Dairy products, Animal/Pet food, Nutritional supplements, etc. It depends on our vision whether we will be providing a solution which is explicitly serving any one genre or it would be diversifying in nature, to help all the kinds of the food industry at a single place.


Health-conscious personalities are the ones who run this industry. Healthcare is a big industry including several sub-categories in itself as like, diet oriented supplements and formulae, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals i.e. the largest industry for some countries like India.


Online tutoring is something where students get present more than their schools or institutions. Educational mobile apps providing online learning are a reason for many successes according to the youth itself.
Online tutoring is something where students get present more than their schools or institutions. Educational mobile apps providing online learning are a reason for many successes according to the youth itself.


Online banking solutions have provided relief to both the customers and the bank employees who are sick of queue system and manual transactions respectively. Online-banking and mobile banking applications have made it faster than ever before.
Hours of transaction time has been converted into minutes or seconds even. The lines after the bank counter have broken in the form of online traffic over banking applications. Not only basic banking operations (debit/credit) but the other subsidiary services that the banks usually launch in the future, can be easily accessed through such banking solutions.
Banking solutions have also impacted the total revenue due to increased digital direct transactions rather than cash transactions.


Travel Industry and Hospitality are somewhere related to each other. Either in terms of transportation or Hotel bookings. Both have a taste of traveling in themselves. That is why traveling apps & Hospitality Industry solutions are in demand now.
As far as Travel industry solutions are concerned, they have almost evicted out the counter bookings from travel agency outlets. Wallet accessibility and discount vouchers keep public refrain from manual bookings off the counter. A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) embedded Chat-bot is deployed at the front-end pages to make you ease as it is capable of answering the general questions.


Real estate has always been the elder brother in the family of Industries. When the technology is getting advanced and distributing its services to each & every industry out there, how could have Real estate lag behind in grabbing its portion?
There are many Mobile apps for real estate out there which are build to ease you in finding/constructing/designing the desired design of yours. With the help of AR/VR, you can draw/sketch the model of your envisaged house, and place the household things inside it virtually without any physical shiftings required.


Considering Media as a vehicle which drives awareness all around either through news channels or video-based applications like youtube, newspaper apps, etc.
Almost every single news channel today is launching its mobile application so that people could anyhow remain connected with them and the awareness. Many News channel apps have written information or videos at the utmost. But that app could have done better if it provides access to the live footage from the place of incident.


Social Media industry is somehow working as a hub for building unexpected connections. Inter-connectivity between two countries, two organizations, two persons from entirely different domains.
These apps do have their professional face as well. They additionally render promotional services with multiple options for the level of promotion you want from them by public reach. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. all do provide promotional campaigns.


There is merely anything not sold in the E-commerce industry, counting from books, clothes, shoes, toys, hardware, tools, in fact, automobiles are being sold on eCommerce mobile apps today.
It would be very strange if one doesn't know an example of Ecommerce solutions.


Gaming industry perhaps doesn't require any introduction. It had hit at $137.9 billion in 2018 only and expected to reach above &200 billion soon. As far as mobile game development is concerned, Integration of Augmented reality and Virtual Reality is the best and latest thing that mobile game developers have worked on.

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